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Transfer Talk #12: Transfer Resources for advocates

How can we  best support transfer students? Learn. As easy as it was to answer that question, it is much harder to find reliable resources to be successful. During this transfer talk, we will discuss different resources like conferences, websites, and webinars that are available that will make that process easier.

Transfer Talk #11 Health and Wellness

This session is not on a transfer topic specifically. We wanted to provide our transfer advocates an opportunity for health and wellness engagement due to our changing stressors in our different environments. We will have representatives from different institutions sharing how we can take better care for ourselves which will hopefully help you continue doing an awesome job serving transfer students. Please see the zoom information below to join us.

When: August 25, 2020
Transfer Talk #9 Veteran and Military; a swirl of camouflage
Military and veterans students can have transfer credits from a number of sources including colleges and military training. They likely have multiple sources providing them information and expectations about the transfer process. That information may conflict or misdirect in ways that makes the process frustrating for them. We’ll give an overview of this challenge and discuss some language and approaches you may want to use to guide them through the process.  

When: October 20, 2020

Transfer Talk #8: When in Doubt, D.I.E. it out

Slow and steady won't win this race! Join us for a Transfer Talk that addresses the importance of diversifying recruitment staff, creating inclusive marketing and messaging, and assessing practices to ensure equity. This conversation will look at comparisons and culture among transfer students (i.e. adult learners v. traditional transfers) and offer quick tips for gaining small wins. To prepare for this workshop, please review your diversity recruitment/outreach plans in relation to transfer recruitment.


When: February 18, 2020

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